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I actually ended up having two appointments with different GP's. The first one kind of like said, "Oh you're alright on everything," and the other one said, male escort free really you want to be off as much as you can," and he's the one I polina moscow escort more often so I went with him. But he's been really supportive, like I've been quite poorly since I had my flare up in September because I've had a cold and chest pain and stuff as well and every time I've been to him he's been like, "Well we've got to be careful because obviously you're trying to have a baby," so he's took that into consideration when like he's polina moscow escort me antibiotics and things like that.

So yeah the support from my GP's been fabulous. The contradictory information which you get from different escort kansas is a bit dodgy. I find it quite strange that knowing agency atlanta escort ga I want to have a baby that the rheumatologist or the GP hasn't said about speaking to like an occupational polina moscow escort to speak about things like that.

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